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Dec 12, 2023



Dec 12, 2023
Program Overview

The STEPN GO’ers Program is a new initiative launched by FSL to support the growth and adoption of STEPN GO. This effort will lay the foundations of the core community for STEPN GO, while also providing accepted applicants with the chance to earn enticing rewards and benefit from being closely involved with the project at the ground level. As a STEPN GO’er, you will play a crucial role in promoting STEPN GO, our social lifestyle app, and helping others join our mission towards healthier, more connected living.


STEPN GO is an innovative app that gamifies daily movement and social interactions. By using digital Sneaker NFTs, users can earn the new Go Gaming Token (GGT) by walking, jogging, or running. The app features an Interactive Map, a unique Haus System for sneaker rentals, and a fitness journey that incentivizes daily activity.

The GO'ers Main Objectives
  1. Educate via Whitepaper to Avoid Potential FUD:

    Ensure the community is well-informed about STEPN GO through comprehensive education on the Whitepaper and Tokenomic model to prevent FUD.

  2. Generate Social Buzz and Reach:

    Create excitement and conversation around STEPN GO on social media platforms, increasing its visibility and engagement.

  3. Increase FSL ID Registrations (Tangible CTA):

    Drive a significant number of people to register for an FSL ID, fostering a larger and more engaged user base for STEPN GO. This will translate into STEPN GO downloads once the app is launched.

Benefits of being a STEPN GO'er
  1. Early Access:

    Receive exclusive early access to STEPN GO before the general public.

  2. Personal Sneaker NFTs:

    Get your own pair of digital Sneakers to start earning rewards. (Gated)

  3. Community Distribution:

    Obtain additional Sneaker NFTs to distribute within your community, helping others get started with STEPN GO.

  4. Exclusive Updates:

    Stay informed with the latest news, updates, and features of STEPN GO.

  5. GMT Bonus:

    Top performing STEPN GO’ers will receive GMT bonuses based on the quality of content and engagement they are able to generate. GO’er of the week/ month rewards.

  6. Limited Edition Merch:

    Receive exclusive STEPN GO merchandise as a token of appreciation.

  7. Event Budget:

    Access a budget to organize events to promote STEPN GO.

  8. Direct Access to FSL Partners:

    Get the opportunity to connect directly with FSL’s partners, gaining valuable insights and networking opportunities.

  9. Quarterly Meetups with FSL Management:

    Participate in quarterly virtual meetups with FSL management to discuss feedback, ideas, and future developments.


The STEPN GO’ers Program is open to:

  • Enthusiastic members of the STEPN community who are passionate about fitness, gaming, and blockchain technology.

  • Influencers with a genuine interest in promoting healthy lifestyles and STEPN GO.

  • Individuals who have an active and engaged community, either online or offline.

Program Expectations

As a STEPN GO’er, we expect you to:

  • Promote Actively:

    Share your experiences with STEPN GO on your social media channels, blogs, or other platforms at least once a week.

  • Distribute Sneakers:

    Distribute the Sneaker NFTs to deserving community members, ensuring they understand how to use the app and maximise their benefits.

  • Provide Feedback:

    Offer valuable feedback to our team to help improve STEPN GO and enhance user experiences.

  • Engage with the Community:

    Participate in STEPN GO events, discussions, and initiatives to foster a supportive and vibrant community.

  • Expand the community on Discord:

    Drive new members interested in STEPN GO to our new Discord.

  • Weekly Tasks:

    Each week the STEPN GO’ers will receive tasks to perform that will be rewarded with bonus prizes such as GMT!

  • Represent FSL Positively:

    As a representative of FSL, maintain a positive and respectful presence online. Ensure your content aligns with our values and avoid any behavior that could negatively impact the brand.

How to Apply

To apply for the STEPN GO’ers Program, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Application Form:

    Fill out the application form. Provide details about your background, community, and why you want to be a STEPN GO’er.

  2. STEPN GO Content:

    Demonstrate the educational content you’ve already produced to promote STEPN GO and the level of engagement you’ve generated within the FSL community.

  3. Community Engagement:

    Describe how you plan to engage your community with STEPN GO, including any creative ideas for distributing Sneaker NFTs and encouraging app downloads.


Joining the STEPN GO’ers Program offers a unique opportunity to be a part of something innovative and impactful. We are excited to see the creativity and passion our community will bring to this initiative. Best of luck to all applicants, and we look forward to seeing you help shape the future of STEPN GO.