FSL ID: Connect To Web3 and Earn Rewards Across the FSL Ecosystem

Introducing FSL ID:

In the realm of Web3, FSL ID emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering you not just a universal login tool to FSL but a pathway to rewards across the ecosystem. FSL ID integrates three dynamic products: MOOAR, STEPN, and Gas Hero.

Through FSL ID, you can earn FSL Points, which will enable you to receive special rewards, including purchasing (yes, purchasing) raffle tickets on MOOAR, point-gated experiences, merch drops, and even swapping for GMT (This means 1 FSL Point can be redeemed for 1 GMT) within the STEPN Marketplace. Read on for more information about how to earn points across the FSL Ecosystem.

What is the FSL Badge?

Upon creating an FSL ID account, you will automatically be airdropped the FSL Badge. The FSL Badge records your spending within FSL products: STEPN, MOOAR, and Gas Hero, and will enable you to accumulate points. The badge is a soul-bound token and cannot be traded or transferred. It serves as a dashboard to let you know how many FSL Points you’ve earned and will have special perks built into the FSL ID roadmap during partnerships and future product launches.

How to Earn Points? 

FSL Points Calculation
Seller / Buyer Split

100% of the 2% STEPN service fee

100% To Buyer


20% of 2% MOOAR Service fee

- Can not be earnt alongside MOOAR boxes
- NFT must be listed on MOOAR Marketplace
- FSL ID must be connected to the account trading

80% To Seller / 20% To Buyer


20% of 1.5% Gas Hero Service fee
(+0.5% to MOOAR is calculated as above)

- Item must be traded via the marketplace, not from Auction house etc

50% To Seller / 50% To Buyer

STEPN: Move and Earn with Every Step

STEPN is a powerhouse web3 application with over 5.4 million registered users and the pioneer behind the Move and Earn movement. STEPN transforms physical activity into a rewarding experience, allowing you to earn tokens for activities like running, walking, and jogging. The gamified experience of STEPN motivates you to stay active while harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

To receive FSL Points, you will need to head to id.fsl.com and create an account. If you do not have a Gas Hero account then your journey is simple, create a new FSL ID account with your STEPN email for seamless points integration.

If you have an existing Gas Hero account please log into this account first (Same password and 2FA as Gas Hero) and if your STEPN email address is the same your accounts will be auto synced. However, if your email addresses are different then log in with your Gas Hero account first and choose the manual sync option for your STEPN account. These steps are important to follow for a smoother user onboarding!

With STEPN, the entire 2% service fee is given back to users who purchase items on the marketplace. (Please note: 100% of these points will be accrued by the buyer in the transaction). In the future FSL ID will also be the gateway to STEPN with some very exciting developments planned for the roadmap. 2024 will be the year of STEPN. And who knows, maybe these points can be used to purchase a sneaker one day? 

MOOAR: A Marketplace and Launchpad for Rewards

MOOAR stands as more than just a marketplace; it's a launchpad and creative platform for you to explore, engage and create innovative projects. With every eligible trade, you can accumulate FSL Points, creating an ecosystem where engagement is rewarded. 

To earn FSL Points you will need to list an item on MOOAR, and have your FSL ID connected to the same MOOAR account you are trading on. The transaction does not have to be made with the FSL ID wallet, as long as the wallet is connected to your account. With each sale on MOOAR, the points distribution will be split 80% seller / 20% buyer. Please note: FSL Points can not be earned simultaneously alongside MOOAR Box Rewards.

In the future, FSL Points will have some incredible utility on MOOAR, with future raffle mints where you can purchase raffle tickets with FSL Points as well as GMT. There will also be some special rate ups for those of you who have the FSL ID account and actively use points within the ecosystem.

Gas Hero: Strategy Meets Rewards in a Social Game

Gas Hero is an innovative social strategy game launched in January 2024 and immediately gained massive traction, topping charts and even flipping ETH in 24 hour trading volume. The game was the Alpha Test for FSL ID, with users enjoying the seamless trading experience since launch. Gas Hero players were rewarded with early access to the FSL Badge, which enabled certain players to earn points. These players who acquired points will receive them via an airdrop and will be visible within FSL ID. 

For existing Gas Hero players, all you will need to do is head to id.fsl.com and login with your existing account information to start earning FSL Points. Earning points is simple, just trade assets on the marketplace, 20% of the service fee will be redistributed via points to the community. Please note: Auction House purchases and in-game burning will not enable players to accumulate FSL Points. The points will be distributed 50% seller / 50% buyer with every trade, ensuring all community members are rewarded for engaging with the marketplace.


FSL ID revolutionizes the Web3 landscape by not only integrating powerful products with a universal login but also introducing a comprehensive rewards system that incentivizes user engagement and participation. Through MOOAR's marketplace and launchpad, STEPN's lifestyle app, and Gas Hero's social strategy game, users have the opportunity to earn rewards across various facets of the FSL ecosystem. With FSL ID as the catalyst, every interaction becomes an avenue for earning, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community driven by innovation.